Tuscan Bread Rising Time-lapse: the magic moment about making bread

Few simple ingredients are needed to make Tuscan bread at home; flour, yeast, water, olive oil, and time…

Tuscan Bread is like no other bread cause it is made completely with no salt, and it’s this peculiarity that has made Tuscan bread so famous and appreciated not only in Italy, but also abroad. Not all are used to the fact that Tuscan bread, the best bread of Italy, is without any salt in it, but when you come to taste it together with the countless delicious typical products of Tuscany, you’ll fall in love with it!

The reasons that explain why Tuscan Bread is saltless or sciapo, go back in time to Dante and the Middle Ages, as I tell in my recent post about the authentic and original Tuscan bread recipe.

Tuscan bread has a golden crusty crisp and a soft perfumed interior, it’s ideal to exalt the strong flavors of Tuscan Cuisine, from cheese, ham and salami to the famous Florentine steak, and it’s used to make typical dishes from Tuscany: ribollita soup, bruschetta, pappa al pomodoro, pane al pomodoro.

A Time-lapse of Tuscan Bread Rising

I love making bread at home with my children, as I loved making it with my mother when I was a little girl. Mixing flour, water, and yeast, and using your hands to create your bread dough is a relaxing moment; then you put the dough in a large bowl and wait; you wait to see it grow and you feel happy for that!

The most rewarding aspect in making bread at home is to see your dough growing and rising…

This Tuscan Bread Rising Time-lapse video shows you that the growth of the dough has something magical in it! My children are impatient to see it grow and every 5 minutes they raise the damp cloth over the bowl to see if the dough has grown and if is finally ready.

The leavening of the bread dough is an incredibly rewarding experience, especially because it’s something you have created with your own hands. You feel happy and satisfied with your work 🙂

Recipes for making Tuscan Bread at Home

Once your dough is well raised, and that will be not before at least 3 hours, you can make the type of Tuscan bread recipe you prefer!

There are really a lot of variations for making tuscan bread compared to the most ancient and authentic recipe, and here below you can see my favorites, choose  one according to your time and preferences!

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