Which cakes and recipes can you prepare with delicious amaretti biscuits? Really an endless number of all types of delicious cakes, tarts and desserts! I love them, so I often experiment new recipes using amaretti biscuits.

Amaretti biscuits or macaroons, are tasty biscuits made with almond paste and are very popular in Italy. Their taste is particular and slightly bitter. Amaretti can can be soft or dry. Generally dry biscuits are used to prepare cakes.

Though not certain, their origins go very far back in time, probably the medieval period. Some of the best amaretti biscuits are those coming from Piemonte, region in northern Italy.

In this section you’re going to find a list of cakes and recipes that you can make with amaretti! Enjoy πŸ™‚

Tiramisu with Amaretti Biscuits

A variation of the famous and tasty Italian Tiramisu. It’s easy and quick with an extraordinary result. A great dessert for your special dinners. A treat πŸ™‚

Cake with Amaretti Biscuits
This recipe with amaretti is simply fantastic! One of my favorite cakes. Its preparation is quick, just mix all the ingredients cook in the oven and enjoy this soft and irresistible cake.
This cake came to be a real surprise. This recipe of my grandmother was just waiting to be discovered. The combination of apple and amaretti biscuits is fabulous πŸ™‚
chocolate cake with amaretti
Chocolate and amaretti biscuits, a delight! This recipe with amaretti biscuits and chocolate is a delight. It is also easy to prepare.
A great recipe for a great homemade cake.

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