Which Recipes can you make with Tuscan and Italian bread?

typical tuscan recipes

Recipes using Tuscan bread! Saltless Tuscan bread, pane toscano sciocco, is the king of Tuscan Cuisine and food! Anyone tasting Tuscan bread for the first time will be certainly surprised from the lack of salt in it, as all other types of bread in the world are actually made using salt when preparing the dough.

Bread is linked to the tradition and history of a country, to its historical memory, and is associated to many meanings, including religious ones. In Italy, and particularly in Tuscany, bread is untouchable; sacred food 🙂

There are countless variations on how to make the perfect Tuscan bread and in my blog I enlist various bread recipes, and you can choose the one according to your taste : -)

So you may try my favorite recipe for Tuscan bread that I’ve learned from my grandmother, or the original recipe for making traditional Tuscan bread, or, finally, the easy soft Tuscan bread recipe, that is made using milk.

Tasty recipes with Tuscan Bread

recipes using tuscan bread

In Italy, and particularly in Tuscany, bread has always been a precious food, probably the most important food in any family, especially after the great world war. Bread is never wasted and never thrown away. If bread is left over, it is used to make delicious dishes and recipes, with simple but tasty ingredients, which are among the best Tuscan dishes of traditional and local cuisine!

Let’s see which are the typical Tuscan recipes you can make using leftover bread:

  • The zuppa di cavolo or ribollita is a delicious and very tasty traditional soup, made using black cabbage, beans, vegetables like carrots and onions, and stale bread. According to the peasant tradition, it was prepared on Fridays by putting together the leftovers of the previous day and then boiled several times over a low flame; first only with vegetables, then with the addition of hard or stale bread, hence the name ribollita: the more it is cooked, the better it becomes!

  • The panzanella is a tasty Tuscan recipe, a salad of stale bread soaked in water and vinegar, and fresh raw vegetables, like onions, cucumbers, basil, and tomatoes . It is a traditional dish particularly suitable for summer and generally used as a first course.
  • The pappa al pomodoro or tomato soap is a savory soup made with stale bread, ripe tomatoes, garlic, and basil, also ideal for children.

  • The fagioli all’uccelletto are a tasty and nutritious side dish, typical of the Florentine cuisine. It is a vegetarian recipe, based on beans, tomato puree, garlic, sage and pepper; and accompanied by toasted bread or bruschetta!

  • The zuppa di pane e fagioli is a very simple soup made with stale bread, beans, olive oil, salt and pepper.

  • Bruschette are made with toasted bread that can be used to prepare an endless list of croutons of bread, like the fettunta (bruschetta with extra virgin olive oil and salt), the crostini di fegatini (with livers), bruschette al pomodoro (with tomatoes), or the bruschette ai funghi (with mushrooms).

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