An Easy Tuscan Bread Recipe for a more soft result

Here in Tuscany we literally go crazy for Tuscan bread! Of course when it is excellent and made “perfetto”! We love eating it with salami, meat, cheese, and especially with extra virgin olive oil and a bit of salt.

The main and most distinctive characteristic of Tuscan bread is that it is made without any salt at all! at least in its more ancient and traditional recipe. Making bread at home is fantastic and maybe a fun activity to share with your children!

Many different recipes to make Tuscan Bread

There are so many different recipes for making Tuscan Bread! I’ve already posted the original and traditional recipe for Tuscan bread, but also the one I’ve learned from my mother and my grandmother for a delicious Tuscan Bread Recipe.

My mother Anna is a great fan of homemade bread and she makes it very often at home still today, and I do the same! It’s a great pleasure making bread at home with my little children 🙂

Easy Tuscan Bread Recipe for a more soft bread

During years of experience in making bread at home and by hand, my mother has come to another very easy and more quick recipe for making bread at home! The result is great and it differs from the traditional Tuscan bread recipe for being more soft.

Ingredients to make bread at home

500 gr of soft flour (type 0)
500 gr of flour type 00
500 gr of cold water
200 gr of milk
10 gr of salt
6 spoons (50 gr) of extra virgin olive oil
2 teaspoons of sugar (10 gr) for a better leavening
14 gr of powder yeast

Tuscan bread recipe

How to Make a Softer Tuscan Bread

1. Pour the yeast in the water and the milk together, adding the sugar

2. Start to pour some water in the flour and work all well, then add oil, salt and continue to work the pastry until it has reached consistency and becomes elastic but still mushy. It will require at least 20 minutes.

3. At this stage, my mother soon starts to spilt the dough in some parts; that’s before leaving it to rest for leavening.  She usually makes 2 pieces of round bread and another with a thin and long shape to have a more crusty bread.

4. Now put all pieces of bread to rest for about 3 hours, the place should not be cold. After the dough is raised, start to cook your bread in the oven first at 230 °C (450 °F Fahrenheit) for 20 minutes, and then for other 20 minutes at 200 °C (390 °F). In case of smaller pieces of bread cook it for less time.

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