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Best Italian Bread Recipe

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Best Italian Bread Recipe
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Bread is probably the most common food in the world and, undoubtedly, the most appreciated in Italy.

Each region of Italy, from north to south, has its own type of bread, with its own name and peculiar characteristics. We have over 400 different types of bread in Italy, with over a thousand variations!

Which is the most delicious bread of Italy?

Well, I live in Tuscany so this may sounds biased to you, but the best Italian bread is actually Tuscan Bread! Tuscan Bread, pane toscano, is sciocco or sciapo, because of its peculiar characteristic to be without any salt. The fact of being without salt makes it unique, as, in this way, bread enhances the flavors of any kind of food.

Tuscan bread is made by very simple and genuine ingredients: wheat flour, Tuscan sourdough and water.

Cooking bread at home is for me something very amusing, a relaxing and rewarding experience! something that fills me with joy. This is probably due to the fact that when I was a child I used to help my mother to make bread. My mother still makes bread at home very often and the same I do now for my family.

During the post war period in Italy, bread was vital for people! When my grandmothers were young they all lived in the countryside on isolated country houses; they had no electricity, no water, and the bathroom was outside the house! But, fortunately, they had wonderful wood ovens where to bake not just bread but many other delicacies, including cakes.

Coming back to the best Italian recipe to make bread at home, here below is the one I’ve learned from my mother, who, in turn, had learned from her mother 🙂 Follow the link to see the best Italian bread recipe.

Italian Bread Recipe

Homemade Bread Recipe from Tuscany

Try to make it at home and all by hand…knead, let rest, wait…the dough is raised and you feel happy 🙂 Your little work of art is ready to be baked!

Have you ever tried to make bread at home? tell us your experience!

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