Pineapple Tiramisu Recipe:Delicious Dessert from Italy

Delicious Pineapple Tiramisu

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Delicious Pineapple Tiramisu
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My favorite variation of the classic Tiramisu recipe is the one with pineapple. The taste is incredibly delicate and once you start eating it, you’ll never want to stop! It’s irresistible!

I remember making this fantastic dessert when I was just a teen, together with my cousin, we enjoyed preparing it for the New Year’s Eve!

This dessert is ideal for children as well, as it has no liquor or coffee!

Ingredients for the Pineapple Tiramisu Cake

  • 500 gr of mascarpone cheese

  • 500 gr of whipped cream

  • 3 eggs

  • 200 gr of sugar

  • 1 can of sliced ​​pineapple in syrup

  • pineapple juice syrup (use the juice in the can)

  • 1 package of Savoiardi biscuits – ladyfingers


How to make the Italian Pineapple Tiramisu

  1. Start by working the yolks with the sugar and then add the mascarpone cheese mixing well with a whisk

  2. Whip the egg whites

  3. Add the egg whites and the whipped cream to the mixture

  4. On the bottom of a pan pour some of the cream just prepared and cover it with a layer of Savoiardi previously soaked in the pineapple juice, add some pineapple in small pieces and again spread some cream on it

  5. Continue to make other layers and make the last one with cream

  6. Decorate all with the left round pineapple slices

  7. Put the dessert in the fridge for no less than 2 hours


That’s a fantastic Italian dessert 🙂 Enjoy your New Year’s Eve!

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