A fantastic Italian cake with Amaretti biscuits and Rum

This cake with amaretti biscuits is incredibly and surprisingly delicious! and with a different taste from any other cake.
When I prepared it for the first time, my guests and I were more than enthusiastic, a real surprise, that’s one of my most favorite cakes 🙂

If you have guests for dinner or if you want to prepare an original cake for a special occasion, that’s the right choice!
This is a recipe I again found on my grandmother’s book of recipes.

The main ingredient of this fantastic cake is amaretto, a biscuit made with a pastry of almond paste, sugar, and egg white. Amaretti can be dry or soft, and are slightly bitter.


best recipes using amaretti biscuits

Some History Amaretti are used and produced in all regions of Italy, though their origin is not certain, some say they were invented in the region of Piemonte in the 18th century, others say they were born in Liguria during the 19th century, while it seems they were born in Italy during the Middle Ages.

Anyway, these fragrant biscuits are delicious and characterized by a particular taste, and you can make a lot of fantastic recipes using amaretti biscuits.

And now let’s see how to prepare this fantastic recipe! 🙂


Ingredients needed for the Cake with Amaretti Biscuits and Rum

  • 110 gr of flour type 00 (1,6 cups = 0,24 pounds)
  • 200 gr of caster sugar (10 cups = 0,45 pounds)
  • 190 gr of butter (0,7 cups = 0,41 pounds)
  • 150 gr of dry amaretti (1.09 cups = 0,33 pounds)
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 glass of rum

cake with amaretti biscuits

Preparation of the Cake with Amaretti

  1. Chop all the amaretti using a mixer, add the glass of rum and let soak for half an hour.
  2. Put the butter and the sugar together mixing well; then add the egg yolks, the flour, and finally the amaretti.
  3. Work the mixture well, whip the egg whites and add them to the pastry.
  4. Put all in a cake tin of about 24 cm of diameter and bake in the oven at 180 °C degrees (356 °F) for about 40 minutes.
  5. Sprinkle the cake with powdered sugar.

You should definitely try this recipe! It’s very quick and you’ll be impressed by the great result:-)

My Tip: The cake is extraordinary if you serve it cold with a warm custard cream, chocolate mousse, or even ice-cream 🙂

This special recipe is going to participate in the #TuscanyNowCookOff competition, organized by the luxury villa rental provider TuscanyNow.


  • Suz ha detto:

    Having a Tuscan themed tea party – can you give any ideas for the menu?
    Thank you.

  • Marika D'Agostino ha detto:

    It is a simple but interesting receipe. Instead of rum can I use something else please? Thanks

    • elena nacci ha detto:

      Ciao Marika 🙂 Sure! brandy or whisky would be fine too! This is a particular yet incredibly delicious cake, let me know what you think if you try it 🙂 Elena

  • Susan M Chiodo ha detto:

    What measurement do you mean when you say a glass of rum?

  • Tom ha detto:

    Just came back from a family visit in the Veneto region, and my wife’s aunt made a amaretti cake that was delicious. Thinking about making this cake but we don’t have vanilla baking soda sachets in the US. What can I use as a substitute?
    Also, how many people does this recipe serve? Thank you

  • Tom ha detto:

    Sorry, wrong recipe, but I’m still making this.

  • Susan Eachus ha detto:

    What type flour? Plain, self raising or 00 also what sort of sugar caster or granulated?
    Thank you

    • elena nacci ha detto:

      Ciao dear Susan 🙂 For cakes I always use flour 00 and caster sugar. No baking powder is required for this cake 🙂 let me know when you’ve tried it! ciao from Florence and Tuscany!

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