Yesterday evening I had guests for dinner, I had already prepared all the plates except the dessert. It was late so I had to prepare something quickly. I soon gave a speedy look at Nonna Nada books of recipes and found this quick and easy one: Lemon Cake with Cream.

For the cream:
200 gr of sugar
30 gr of potato starch
the peel of one lemon
2 eggs and a bit of water

Put all the ingredients in a nonstick pan, always turn it on a low flame until it boils and the lemon cream is ready.

For the pastry:
4 eggs
200 gr of white flour
50 gr of potato starch
the peel of one lemon
half lemon squeezed
200 gr of sugar
1 baking powder sachet
1 glass of olive oil

Mix all the ingredients for the pastry very well, using the mixer, or better by hand. Then put it in the oven at about 180 degrees for 30 minutes.
Once it’s cooked, let it cool, then cut it in the middle horizontally, fill it with the lemon cream, and it’s ready!
My guests said it was delicious!

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