Ragù Meat Sauce

By 3 Novembre 2010 Typical Tuscan Recipes

Here is the old recipe of my grandmother Nada to make a superb Ragù Sauce, a typical italian sauce made with meat and tomato: The Ragù Sauce is perfect to dress pasta, especially tagliatelle, and it’s also used to make the Lasagneor just  put the ragu on toasted bread to make savory croutons.

Ingredientes for the Ragu Sauce

Serves 4-5

200 gr of minced beef
100 gr of minced pork meat
100 gr of minced raw ham
1 carrot, 1 stalk of celery, half onion (50 gr) 1 half glass of red or white wine
20 gr of tomato paste
1 glass of milk
1 glass of broth
salt, pepper, and olive oil

How to make the Ragu Meat Sauce

Mince thinly the onion together with the carrot and the  celery, put all in a large pan and let it brown with the olive oil. When the vegetables get golden brown, add the all the types of meat and let brown for some minutes, then pour the wine and let it evaporate.  Add salt, pepper, the tomato, the broth. Continue the cooking on a very low flame for about 2 hours. Finally add the milk. You can use the Ragù Sauce, that is very tasty and savory, to make the wonderful Lasagne.

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