Italian Cheesecake Recipe:Sweet Cheesecake Recipe from Tuscany

Sweet Cheesecake

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Sweet Cheesecake
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On Fridays we usually have friends for dinner, and each time I have a great fun trying a different cake. I always start by looking through the old pages of my grandmother’s recipes and it always take me a lot of time! As you can see from my blog posts, most recipes are dedicated to all sorts of cakes and desserts. Like me, my Nonna Nada had a sweet tooth 🙂 It’s so hard to decide which one would be the next fantastic tart; all recipes seem so tasty and so tempting 🙂 Once I finally came to a decision, I put all the necessary ingredients on the table.

How to make the Tuscan Cheesecake

For the pastry have a look at the Pasta Frolla recipe.

For the filling of the cheesecake:
250 gr of mascarpone cheese
50 gr of sugar
2 yolks
a little glass of rum

First of all prepare the Pasta Frolla and let it rest in the fridge while preparing the cream for the filling. Melt together the mascarpone cheese, the yolks, and the sugar, until you have a soft yellow cream, then add the rum and finally the chocolate chips. Once the cream is ready, spread 3/4 of the pasta frolla on a cake pan and spread it well also on the edges. Then pour the cream and finally decorate the top with the remaining pastry.

Cook in the oven for about 40 minutes at 180 degrees and let it cool. You’ll get a wonderful and absolutely tasty stuffed pie.

Your guests will be enthusiastic 🙂

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