Apple Pie! The most common and probably most famous recipe in the all world! There’ s an incredibly huge quantity of all possible types of recipes to make the perfect apple pie. Literally countless ways to make it!

That’s one of the most simple, but at the same time most difficult cake to prepare! It’s not easy to make a really fantastic apple tart 🙂

It’s one of my favorite cakes and what I’m proposing you is a traditional recipe of my mother. She was used to make the apple pie often on winter Sundays 🙂 When I make it at home, sweet childhood memories always come to my mind.

This apple pie recipe from Tuscany is simple to realize and is very tasty! As you can see all its ingredients are very simple and genuine.

Ingredients to make the Apple Pie

  • 135 gr of plain flour (better 100 gr of flour and 35 gr of potato starch)
  • 100gr of butter
  • 135 gr of sugar
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 16 of baking powder
  • 300 gr of apples

How to make the Apple Pie

My advice is to make it by hand, it will take a little more time but the result will be much better.
First, take the butter, that should not be melted, but at room-temperature, and work it together with the sugar, then, one after the other, add just the eggs yolks.

In another basin sift the flour with the baking powder, and add it with the pastry, working well. Finally whip the egg whites and add them as well, working very well.

Grease a baking tin with some butter and sprinkle it with bread crumbs. Cut the apples into thin slices and place them on the top of of the pastry, that you have already poured into the pan.

Put the apple slides one next the other perpendicularly. Put in the oven at a moderate heat (about 160 °C  degrees=320 °F) in a static mode. While cooking the pastry will partly cover the apples. Once its color is a beautiful golden, take it away from the oven and let it cool, or soon savor it hot if you prefer 🙂

Do try it and let me know 🙂


  • Debbie ha detto:

    Hi Elena, could you please tell me how much flour is required for this recipee. Do you use plain flour or self raising flour? Thanks. Can’t wait to try it.

  • elena nacci ha detto:

    Ciao Debbie! I missed the flour in the recipe! 🙂 You will need 135 gr of plain flour, better if you make 100 gr of plain flour and 35 gr of potato starch, that is great to make the cake more soft. This is a very simple recipe that my mother learned from my grandmother 🙂
    Let me know when you’ve done it! I’ll be waiting for your comments 🙂 Have a nice Sunday!

  • Marina D’Andrea ha detto:

    Hi Elena I have come across this recipe and would love to try it. I need to know what is the exact amount of baking powder Is it 16grams of regular baking powder? Or is it the one in a sachets that contain also vanilla . Such as the sachets of pane d’angeli lievito pane degli angeli vanglinato 16grms sachet.
    Thanks hope to hear from you.

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