fantastic chocolate mousse

This is a very easy and quick recipe that you can use when you don’t have too much time, and is especially recommended in summer time, being a fresh delicious dessert.

Ingredients for making the Mousse

Serves 4
125 gr of bitter chocolate in blocks
2 full spoons of sugar
3 egg whites
2 water spoons or a bit of butter

How to make the chocolate mousse

Beat the egg whites until stiff, then melt the chocolate pieces with 2 water spoons or a bit of butter, add the 2 spoons of sugar and when it will start to be warmed up, mix the stiff egg whites an melt all lightly.
So pour the chocolate mousse in individual glass bowls, or in one crystal terrine. Garnish the mousse with whipped cream and put in the fridge for some hours. You can also decorate with whaffles, biscuits, fruit or anything you prefer.

Enjoy this quick and easy recipe for a fantastic chocolate mousse!

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