Fennels Pie (Sformato)

By 9 Novembre 2010 Typical Tuscan Recipes


Today I’d like to give you a very quick, easy and yet very tasty tuscan recipe I’ve learnt from my mother Anna.
This tuscan recipe is perfect if you need to prepare dinner quickly, and will come out with a great result for your guests.

Serves 6
5 fennels or more
2-3 eggs
salt and pepper
20 gr of nutmeg (noce moscata)
100 gr of white flour
2 glasses of milk
70 gr of butter
100 gr of grated parmesan
extra virgin olive oil

First of all you need to cut the fennels in pieces and boil them in salty water, until they are well cooked.
Then, once cooked, drain the fennels and put them in a large bowl. Add all the ingredients described above and turn all energetically until you reach a more solid paste.
Pour the paste in a baking pan and put in the oven for abbot 20-30 minutes at 180 degrees, the is ready when it become golden brown. Generally to cook such a pie you should do the bechamel sauce before to be added to the fennels. Well, with this recipe you’ll not have to loose time, since you can melt all the ingredients together with the same result.
This recipe is something extraordinary also because it can be made in thousand different ways; instead of the fennels you can in fact use whatever you like: cabbage, spinach, courgettes, potatoes, pumpkins, and any other type of vegetable. So easy so good!

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