San Gimignano 1300: Museum with San Gimignano in Miniature

A Must Visit in San Gimignano, Siena

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A Must Visit in San Gimignano, Siena
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the new museum San Gimignano 1300, the miniature

I’ve recently had a day trip to the famous San Gimignano, no doubt one of the best-known medieval villages in Italy, also thanks to its stunning skyline of ancient towers.

After a pleasing walk through the narrow alleys and streets of the historical center, we went for “San Gimignano 1300”, The Medieval Town in Miniature, and it came out to be a great surprise!
This new Museum and exhibition is dedicated to San Gimignano’s history and people, becoming soon one of the main attractions of the village.

It perfectly reproduces this unique Italian hamlet as it was during Medieval Times. Actually it’s like coming back in time, the little hill top town in miniature with all its charming towers is something amazing, so full of little details to admire!

The Museum takes a photograph of the past, with the detailed reproduction of all the 72 towers, the alleys, the shops, and the people living in another era.
San Gimignano 1300 is not simply a museum; in the sense that it is not ordinary; an interesting journey through storyboards, multi-media exhibits, street scenes, and a reproduction in ceramics of the Tuscan town as it existed  in the 14th century.

Michelangelo and Raffaello Rubino are the great artists that, together with other skilfull masters and historians,  have faithfully reproduced San Gimignano as it once was.
You’ll get to know why almost all of the 72 towers collapsed and you will understand the important role of the famous Via Francigena road in the city’s growth.

It has been a very interesting and original experience, something different from the usual things to visit in a city of art. Don’t miss it!

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