Nonna Nada Tuscan Recipes

By 26 Ottobre 2010 Gennaio 23rd, 2021 Typical Tuscan Recipes

Well, let’s start saying that the culinary art of my grandmother Nonna Nada and her mother Nonna Ida was actually something astonishing, for all types of courses and especially for cakes.

Nonna Ida died some years before my birth, so I came to know her cooking through my Nonna Nada. And after the death of Nonna Nada 7 years ago, I found some old books in her house in Florence.

Her house is still full of ancient beautiful books of all types and these two old books of recipes were handwritten by Nonna Ida; the covers are black as it used to be, and probably they date back to the beginning of the 20th century.
When I have time and when I have guests for dinner, I enjoy myself in trying some new delicious recipes of Nonna Ida.

Until now all recipes have come out to be very good and tasty, even if, I know this very well, they will never be as those prepared by my Nonna. I’ve been told she used to get up very early in the morning to prepare the Sunday lunch.

In this blog I’ll show you some of the best recipes from the past!

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