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Il Maiale con le Rape – Pork with Turnips

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Il Maiale con le Rape – Pork with Turnips
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Delicious Pork with TurnipsThat’ s  a delicious and typical old tuscan plate, but made incredibly savoury and irresistible by my Nonna Lucietta (my grandmother).

I’ve had the great pleasure to eat it for dinner just this evening!

The recipe of the Pork with Turnips was a very common plate, amply used during the postwar period in Tuscany, being a so-called  “poor” plate, an authentic traditional recipe, always loved and prepared  by my family (the Lucchesi branch) from more than a century by now.

Here the ingredients to prepare it:

– Turnipes already cooked (simply boiled in salty water)
– Pork underbelly
– 3-4 Garlics
– Wild Fennel
– Salt, Black Pepper and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Tomato Sauce
– A Glass of Red Wine

First of all you need to pan-fry the pork underbelly on a high flame together with the extra virgin olive oil and the garlics adding salt and pepper. When the pork starts to brown, add the glass of red wine and once the wine is evaporated you have to put the boiled turnips (previuosly drained and minced), the tomato sauce, and the wild fennel.  Cook all on a low flame for at least an hour. Serve and enjoy!

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