Typical Tuscan Recipes

Typical Tuscan Recipes: Tuscan cuisine, characterized by simple preparations, can be considered one of the richest and most ancient of the Italian gastronomic traditions. It is mainly based on the reuse of many ingredients, particularly bread, the famous bread from Tuscany, saltless yet so incredibly good! As early as the 12th century, the habit of using silly Tuscan bread both as a daily food and as a recovery food spread. Today, as well as as an accompaniment to appetizers and main courses, it is found in countless traditional recipes: panzanella, ribollita, pappa al pomodoro. Silly bread, made without salt, is already mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy. The use of meat is also fundamental for Tuscan recipes: from Chianina to game there are many meat-based main courses. Equally important are cheese, fish, sweets and wines. Among great typical Tuscan recipes and dishes of the Tuscan tradition are the lampredotto, the tripe, the Florentine steak, the wild boar, the cacciucco alla livornese, the panforte, the cantucci. Enjoy your meal :-)