I’ve been long looking for a great recipe of bread with raisins  that would come out as I really like, that is very soft and incredibly tasty. My mother prepares it with this easy Tuscan bread recipe, she just adds raisins to the pastry when working it by hand. The result is great and the taste “rustic”, but I was looking for something different and even more tender. 

After time spent looking for it on the web, I finally found this recipe for bread with raisins from an interesting site of Italian recipes. I’ve made some variations from the original recipe, you can compare them if you wish.

Ingredients needed for making Bread with Raisins

350 gr of white flour type 00
125 gr of yogurt
75 ml of milk
1 small spoon of honey
1 spoon of sugar (about 15 gr)
10 gr of dry yeast
30 gr of butter
250 gr of raisins
3 spoons of brown sugar (around 45-50 gr)

How to Make Bread with Raisins

1. Soften the raisins in a bowl with warm water
2. Dissolve yeast and sugar in the lukewarm milk
3. Put the flour in a bowl, make a hole in the center and pour honey and yogurt. Start working the dough, then add the mixture with yeast
4. Add the softened butter and work all until it is completely absorbed
5. Now add the drained raisins and work a couple of minutes until the dough is evenly distributed
6. Make a ball and leave the pastry to rise for 2 hours
7. Take the dough, roll it out to deflate it and sprinkle with a few tablespoons of brown sugar
8. Roll it up and place in a loaf pan with parchment paper
9. Let it rise for other 30 minutes
10. Take the bread, brush it with some milk, sprinkle with brown sugar and bake at 160 °C (320 °F) for 40 minutes

Fantastic! This recipe is perfect during the Christmas period 🙂

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