Fantastic Wine Tours in Val d’Orcia

Tuscan wine is by itself a good reason for a visit to Tuscany. Some of the greatest and most appreciated wines of Italy do come from Tuscany and its beautiful vineyards. In addition to the popular red wines of the Chianti area, the towns of Montalcino and Montepulciano in Val d’Orcia, produce two of the very finest Italian wines, the Brunello and the Vino Nobile.

A wine tour is one of the most interesting activities you may enjoy during your holidays in Tuscany. Visiting a local farm producing wine is something I highly recommend; you see the vineyards, a lovely countryside, the cellars…and you’ll get to know how wine is made while enjoying tasting it!

Wine Tastings at Poggio Grande by Verdidea

In the very heart of Val d’Orcia, the paradise of Tuscany, and just 3 km away from the picturesque village of Bagno Vignoni, famous for its ancient Roman baths, you find the farm Poggio Grande. The farm is located near one of the most beautiful castles of the area, the Castle of Ripa d’Orcia. We are in a land of rare beauty, with endless fields, perfect vineyards, pastures, and the ubiquitous cypress trees.

Wine Tours in Val d'Orcia

The Zamperini family, that owns the farm from more than half a century, produces a fine wine with a great passion. What makes Poggio Grande special is the decision to produce not only Sangiovese, but also international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah for the red wines, and Marsanne and Roussane for the whites.

In recent years, Luca Zamperini and his daughter Giulitta have increased their wine production, and today they produce as many as 7 different types of wines! Poggio Grande is the ideal place to have wine and olive oil tastings, for a special day spent enjoying the genuine flavors of Tuscany in a scenic setting will green hills and enchanting landscape.

In the wine cellar of the farm, you’ll be welcome to taste not only the superb wines, but also all the other typical products of the far: olive oil, cold cuts, and homemade jams. Visiting Poggio Grande will also give you the opportunity to admire the beautiful horses that Luca breeds for the famous Palio of Siena.

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Wine Tours in Val d'Orcia


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