What is the best home base for exploring Tuscany in NOT renting a car?

Questions & AnswersWhat is the best home base for exploring Tuscany in NOT renting a car?
Anonimo asked 9 anni ago
Hi, I’m so happy that I discovered this site! My daughter and myself are planning a height school graduation trip the may.  We were debating whether to take an escorted tour since this is our very first trip to italy or even Europe for thy matter. I’ve always wanted to visit Italy and am trying to allow us more flexibility that an escorted trip might offer.
So far the plan is spend 4 nights in Rome. And 4-5 more nights either dividing these between Florence and one of the smaller charming towns in which to explore from, or better yet , to station ourselves in one of those wonderful towns and to take the train into Florence on days to explore there and the other days to venture to the many awesome areas to see .
My question is! What would be a city that is close enough to easily get to Florence by train for exploration as well as to see other places easily and what would be a good itinerary for such a trip?
we are interested in art, architecture, food, ruins, natural beauty, shopping, theater. I like charming towns in which to walk and explore. My vision is to have the larger city experience in Rome and then a more laid back relaxed segment in the countryside. It will just be us two girls, so we’d like suggestions for a nice but reasonable B and B and perhaps some guided tours so we can make friends with fellow travelers or locals.
id hoped to get to the almafi coast for a few days, but that just may be too much, I have not booked flights yet, but will do an open jaw, arriving Rome leaving Florence unless I can fit the south into my 10 night trip without too much stress.

i sure thank you for feedback. I’m reading everything, but still need insider advice.

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elena nacci Staff answered 9 anni ago
Hi! Many thanks for contacting me
Let’s plan your Italian trip!
As you’re not going to rent a car once in Tuscany, the best option to get around the region’s best sights is to base in Florence historic center, well served by public transports. Apart from larger art towns like Florence, Tuscany is all hills, countryside, and scenic villages atop hills. Not all destinations, especially smaller charming towns are easily reached by public transportation.
If you base in Florence you can easily explore the best Tuscan sights by yourself either by train or by bus. Both Santa Maria Novella train station and the Sita bus station are located in the city center, so you can conveniently reach amazing sights from there, also in the countryside: San Gimignano, Chianti, Siena, Lucca, Pisa. Here is a list of all the day trips you can make from Florence, a great itinerary for a Tuscan trip! Here I speak about making Florence your home base in Tuscany.
Florence is beautiful; art, architecture, food, shopping, theater It’s a fantastic place to stay! Hotel Hermitage and La Casa di Morfeo can be suitable places to stay in the city center.
Regarding some guided tours I recommend this reliable agency based in Florence’s center.
A further possibility you may consider is to pass one night or 2 right amid the wonderful scenic Tuscan countryside, like in Chianti for instance. There are many fantastic accommodations.
For further suggestions do hot hesitate to contact me again,
Have a nice day,