Guided Tours in Florence

Anonimo asked 9 anni ago
Hi Just found your blog. we fly into Rome arrive 4/20 we will train to Florence for 4 nights/ was interested to do tour of Florence for 1-2 days, then 2 days day trips. we will not have a car. would like to do tours rather than explore on our own. Would love help with tour options. It will be my husband and I. Do you do tours, know people who do? trying to maximize our time in the region. Want to see the countryside but also the highlights of Florence. Staying in Florence the city. thanks so much for your help
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elena nacci Staff answered 9 anni ago
Dear Hope,
Many thanks for getting in touch, I’m glad to help!
I don’t do tours, but I recommend you contact Elena Fulceri at FlorencewithFlair, both for an amazing tour of Florence’s highlights and for great day tours from Florence. She is Florentine and a great tour guide!
I remain at your disposal, 
Ciao from Tuscany