Visiting Tuscan towns with plenty of food and wine stops

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Anonimo asked 9 anni ago
Visiting Tuscan towns with plenty of food and wine stops


we have read a lot of your web page and there is plenty of info we are looking for some direction, we will be visiting Tuscany area for 4 to 5 days then heading south to Rome, travelling by car
Out travel period is Sept 14 to 18 We are looking for 1 of 2 destinations to work from with day trips via car around the area we prefer smaller places were we have a chance to see the local live we expect to set up an agenda visiting towns and with plenty of food and wine stops
Your advise is appreciated

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elena nacci Staff answered 9 anni ago
Dear Diana,
I’m happy to give some advice for your trip to the beautiful Tuscany!
You will love the place
I would recommend 2 destinations that are among the best and most beautiful in Tuscany , both working perfectly for day trips via car.
Both areas are also the best for visiting amazing hill towns and with plenty of food and wine stops.
The first destination is Chianti, the rural wine area between Florence and Siena. The place is very scenic, full of castles, hamlets, wineries in stunning locations (Badia a Passignano), and charming little villages where to enjoy excellent local dishes.
The second destination is even more intriguing. The Natural park of the Val d’Orcia, to the south of Siena, is famous for its fine wines, superb food, and unequalled beauty. Its gentle hills are a sight in itself, not to mention suggestive sights like Sant’Anna in Camprena and the Abbey of Sant Antimo. Montalcino and Montepulciano are renowned for their beauty as well as for their great wines.
Both locations are great to see the local live. Here is a useful article I suggest you read. While for specific suggestions on places that are off the beaten path in Tuscany, take a look here. Finally heading south to Rome, you may opt for a stop or two along the way.
I’m here for any other help needed,
Happy planning!