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tom asked 1 year ago
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Tuscany by Car: How do I get to know about the places better
Hi Elena
First of all thank you for an excellent and informative site. Really appreciate all the help.
I am considering to base myself in San Gimignano and rent a car to enjoy Tuscany for 5 to 6 days.  However this is my first trip to Tuscany and wondering if I would miss out NOT being with a local bus tour type company as they come with a guide and cover fair  bit of context and history about the various places.    So  just wondering if its possible to rent a car together and a local guide for few days. Also do you think first timers like us will need  guide to really know the place better or possible to do without one.
Thanks in advance

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elena nacci Staff answered 1 year ago
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Ciao Tom! thanks for coming here:-) I’m happy you like my site and it’s a pleasure to help!
Your choice to use San Gimignano as a base is great! As you’re moving around by car, San Gimignano is really among the best places to base in Tuscany, this incredible medieval village is beautiful and has a central location in the region. In the same article dedicated to using San Gimignano as a base I make a list of the best day trips from San Gimignano and you can also read useful info on this post dedicated to the most scenic drives in Tuscany, so you can also do well by yourself.
However, a local guide for a few days could be a good idea to know the place better and more easily. In case you need suggestions on a valid local guide, just let me know 🙂
Thanks again for contacting me and have a nice day!

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