New Rooms at the Gallery of Uffizi

If you are going to visit Florence, or if you simply love art and culture, you may find it useful to know that 8 new rooms have been recently open at the Gallery of Uffizi in Florence.

After many restoration works, these smaller rooms, finally display the works by foreign artists from the 16th up to the 18th century: French, Spanish, Dutch, and Flemish artists.

These beautiful works of art were not visible to the public right until now, as they were preserved in storage rooms.
You will so have the opportunity to admire works of art never seen before.
Thanks to the great passion for art of the Medici family, today the Uffizi owns one of the greatest collection of the most important painters from the Netherlands.

The blue rooms or “Rooms of the Foreigners” are indeed characterized by an intense blue colour on the walls; a great novelty, in contrast with the white-grey colour of the upstairs Renaissance Gallery following the Vasari tradition.

Amongst the protagonists of the Spanish room you’ll find Goya e Velazquez; in the Dutch and Flemish rooms you can admire the great works by Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Rubens, Pieter van Slingelandt , and Jan van der Heyden among the others.

The blue “Sale degli Stranieri” can be reached from the Gallery getting down to the Scala di Ponente,  a new staircase by Adolfo Natalini, that is part of the project, still in progress, to renovate the museum.

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