The wonderful waterfall Cascata dell’Abbraccio

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Hidden corners of Tuscany: the wonderful waterfall Cascata dell’Abbraccio

Tuscany boasts many beautiful and famous locations, it can be quite difficult choosing which one to see. There are so many places that often you may have not time to see, the lesser known ones. 

When we face a trip, we make plans depending on our interests. So, if you like walking among nature, smelling wood’s scent, listening to birds’ tweeting and relaxing on the banks of a stream, then I recommend you to visit the “Cascata dell’abbraccio”, “the hug waterfall”.

In the deepest Mugello, there is a valley that encloses a treasure chest made of waterfalls, small fords, and shady woods; a true paradise for trekking enthusiasts or simply for those who love peaceful places.

There are various paths to reach the waterfall, some that require a physical preparation. But no worries! I speak from experience, you’ll just have to find the trail that best suits you. Those who know me, know i’m not what you would call athletic type: If i did it, everyone can do it! 


A hidden refuge amid nature and waterfalls, the perfect place for a very romantic stay!

You will need to spend at least one night, in one of the several lodges scattered in the area, a great way to rest and taste typical tuscan dishes. Following the advice of a person of trust, me and some friends opted for the “Rifugio i Diacci”. 

As reported on their website, the easiest way to reach the refuge is from the Passo della Sambuca. Coming from Passo della Colla, at km 10.8 of Provincial Road 477 you’ll find a wooden notice board on your left and a dirt road. Drive along the road and after 150 m you will be in a rammed earth square where you can park your car. 

From here you can reach the refuge on foot in about 40 minutes on an easy and well-marked road (our choice), or request the shuttle service with the Jeep of the refuge.

Our stay at Rifugio i Diacci was in late December: the winter atmosphere was very fairytale, but I don’t hide that it was very (very!) cold. Fortunately, we dined in a room with a big fireplace, eating excellent home cooked meals like stinco di maiale and spent the night in a comfortable room with heating

We decided to reach the  “Cascata dell’abbraccio”  the day after, early in the morning. Getting to the waterfall from the refuge is quite simple, you just have to follow the signs and pay attention to the ground, the itinerary is downhill.

Once arrived, you will have the feeling of being in a charming, enchanted corner: the appearance of a imp wouldn’t surprise you! 

Here is it: a small piece of earth, overflowing with pristine natural beauty, where the waterfall that appears, carved by an unearthly hand, is the master.

The erosion of the softer layers of rock has left a large cave, so that you can have the rare experience of being able to observe a waterfall from behind; experience that you may not fully enjoy during summer months, due to lack of water.
Whatever the period of your stay, the Cascata dell’abbraccio is worth to see. A real feast for the eyes.

Eleonora Nacci

Eleonora Nacci

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