Time to Discover Siena’s Secrets, Urban Trekking 2013!

By 11 Ottobre 2013 Traveling in Tuscany

Courtyard of Palazzo Pubblico in SienaTo celebrate the tenth anniversary of Urban Trekking, the magnificent city of Siena unveils its secrets offering a rich calendar of events lasting 10 days, from this upcoming October 25 to November 3!

Urban Trekking, born in Siena in 2002, is a new kind of sustainable tourism, that focus on the most hidden and lesser known places and attractions to be found in Italian art towns. Away from traditional trails, one will have the possibility to discover real secrets and treasures of some of the most beautiful and appealing cities of Italy.

Thanks to original itineraries, specially studied by experts, you will live a unique travel experience, with a full immersion in art and culture while doing some sport.

Enter the secret rooms at Siena’s Palazzo Pubblico

On this unique occasion the secret rooms of Siena’s Palazzo Pubblico, the city’s Town Hall, will be unveiled to the public for the first time! That’s something extraordinary! Invaluable works of art are kept here.

On October 31, amongst the various events also the possibility to fly on a hot-air balloon (what a view! being over the roofs of Siena!), visit the historical library Biblioteca degli Intronati, and if you have children, join an itinerary specifically studied for them, that will lead to the visit of the wonderful Santa Maria della Scala.

In the evening, Siena will then reveal its “stones”; the street pavement will become the place for artistic creations, as twelve contemporary artists will carve a sentence or a drawing on stone slabs, for the joy of all people passing by.

In addition to Siena, other 34 Italian art towns, from north to south, will join the event; Urbino, Bologna, Cagliari, Ancona, Lucca, Perugia, Spoleto, Napoli, Palermo, to mention a few.

Too see the complete list of all the cities participating at this edition, as well as the various itineraries, go here: Urban Trekking 2013.

Siena’s Duomo Opens The Gate of Heaven!

While in Siena, take the chance to visit La Porta del CieloThe Gate of Heaven! A real treasure, remained closed for centuries, now opens to the public! After a long restoration, starting this April 6 up to January 6, the beautiful Duomo of Siena opens its door to reach the sky.

siena-duomo-walkawaysClimb up the Cathedral’s spiral staircases, walk down its walkaways, and finally enjoy the amazing and spectacular view out over Siena and down into the Duomo itself!

If you’re going to be in Siena and Tuscany, I suggest you have a look at this brief guide to Siena’s top attractions, and at my suggestions on Siena’s best charming hotels!

If you are a trekking lover and a fan of art, culture, and good food, you can’t miss the event 🙂

I will certainly be in Siena, and you?

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