Renting a car while in San Gimignano

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Shanna asked 9 anni ago
We are staying at La Cisterna in San Gimignano.  I understand cars are not allowed in town.  Will have a rental car, though.  Can you tell me the best way to handle?  We plan to take your advice and drive around Tuscany the three days we will be there.
Thank you!


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elena nacci Staff answered 9 anni ago
Ciao Shanna!
Hotel La Cisterna is a very good choice! Their terrace offers fantastic views over the towers. Being located in the very heart of the historic center, in a limited traffic area (ZTL), the hotel has no parking. However, there’s a private garage near it.
There are also toll parking areas right outside the medieval walls, and then you can reach the hotel on foot, by bus, or using the hotel’s transfer service.
Contact them to ask for more detailed info, and also consider that there are also good properties right outside the walls that has no parking issues.
San Gimignano is a great place to explore Tuscany
Enjoy your stay and let me know if you have any other doubt!
replied 9 anni ago

What hotels outside the city walls would you recommend? Any is the same price range as La Cisterna?

elena nacci Staff answered 9 anni ago
Hi Shanna,
Other good alternatives outside the city walls with great views over San Gimignano and its towers are:
Locanda Viani, a charming B&B with stunning views and a familiar atmosphere
Fortezza dei Cortesi, a charming farmhouse and peaceful retreat in the countryside with wonderful views of the towers and the Tuscan countryside
Relais la Cappuccina, elegant hotel with spa and swimming pool
Take a look and I’m here for any other suggestion!
replied 9 anni ago

Elena, thank you! Sorry for all the questions, but you have so much wonderful information. We are taking a train from Milan. Where is the closest train station to San Gimignano? And, can we rent a car at that train station? Would that be easiest?

elena nacci Staff answered 9 anni ago
Dear Shanna,
Here I am
The train from Milan will arrive at Florence’s Santa Maria Novella train station and you can pick your car up here after visiting Florence and and its immense beauty, and then head toward San Gimignano. Rental car companies are located near the train station, check here for renting one. 
I remain at your disposal,
Enjoy the weekend,