Question#2…. Trip details and more planning help for visit to Italy…

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Anonimo asked 7 anni ago
Question#2…. Trip details and more planning help for visit to Italy…

Hi Elana,you were so helpful the first time, I have more questions daughter and I will be arriving in Milan in late may. I thought we would stay there, but there is a big expo there and too many visitors for my taste. I have in mind that we will take the train from Milan to Florence upon arrival. 1. Question 1: is that going to be just too much after a long night and day of travel? I considered a stop in Bologna or wherever you might suggest along the way . Can you suggest an option for a stop in the way to rest, or would we be better just coming on to Florence.we then plan 3-4 nights in Tuscany area. In you last reply o my question, you suggested 2 places in the center of Florence in which would make a good base since we will not have a car. One was sold out and the other, a little out of out budget. Can you suggest a few other options, we like close to transportation and clean with comfortable beds and nice people…. The next issue is transport from Florence to Sienna  on the way to Sorrento for the second leg of out trip!!!! Is sienna on the same fast train route on the way to the south? Does the train go to Sorrento?  And should we spend a night there and where??? Just have to get to Almafi Coast!!! We have 11 nights total… 4 in Tuscany area ( either all innFlorence or 3 there and 1 in Sienna or somewhere on the way on night 1) , 3 or 4 in Sorrento and 4 in Rome. We fly out of Rome and into Milan. thank you so much for your help.

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elena nacci Staff answered 7 anni ago
Hi! I’m happy to her from you Definitely skip Milan and take a train directly to the beautiful Florence! There are fast trains (Frecciarossa), that will get in about 1 hour and 40 minutes to Florence. You may also stop in the nice Bologna for the overnight, but consider the train from Milan takes around an hour, so you may well continue the journey to reach Firenze.
As far as your accommodation in Florence, I recommend:
B&B Guelfi e Ghibellini 
B&B Il Marzocco 
Bed and Breakfast Locanda di Mosconi
Regarding the transport from Florence to Siena, note that it takes around 1 hour and half by train to reach Siena. Once at Siena’s station you will have to take a bus to the town’s center. Instead, a direct SITA bus from Florence will take you in the heart of Siena in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.
I would spend all your 4 nights in Florence and do day trips from there. You can reach great Tuscan destinations from Florence via public transportation, take a look at my list of the best day trips from Florence.
Siena is not on the fast train route on the way to the south.
The train line to Sorrento does not pass from Siena, so you have to leave from Florence Santa Maria Novella and first reach Naples passing from Rome. Once at the station of naples with train to Sorrento via the local Circumvesuviana train line.

I would pass a night in Sorrento as the journey from Florence will last some hours. Nice accommodations in Sorrento are Casa Sorrentina or the B&B Gocce di Limone. and On the following day you can head toward the beautiful Amalfi Coast, in Positano for instance, by a Sita bus.
You can check all national train schedules on
Let me know if I can be of further help,
Have a great weekend, Elena