First time to Tuscany

Anonimo asked 9 anni ago
Ciao Elena,

3 friends, all girls, are planning a weekend trip to Tuscany during the 2nd wknd of April.

I understand you offer customised service. Besides knowing that we want to visit Tuscany, none of us has been to the region before, we are quite open to where to stay and activities to do.

Please could you make some suggestions

Thanks and regards


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elena nacci Staff answered 9 anni ago
Thanks for getting in touch! Tuscany is quite a vast region, so a lot depends on what you’re looking for, if a more relaxing stay in the countryside, or a more lively one in a larger town like Florence, that offers a lot to see and do.
Are you going to rent a car? Of course the car is recommended as you have a lot more freedom and can also visit some hidden Tuscan corners. On the contrary, if you mean to use public transportation, you could base in Florence historic center and make day trips from there. Here is an article dedicated to using Florence as a base to explore Tuscany.
Also have a look at this list of the most beautiful areas in the region. My favorite one is Siena and the Val d’Orcia, a real paradise! Since you have few time, however, I’d suggest you base directly in Florence or in Chianti, and make your day trips from there. Considering the strategic location of Chianti, it can serve as a great base for your trip. My post about Chianti as a base in Tuscany will give useful trips to plan your stay. In this section of the blog you can find practical info and tips to plan your vacation.
Also have a look at this guideline on planning the perfect trip to Tuscany  
I’m here for any further advice!
Ciao from Florence