7 Days Coming From Naples

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7 Days Coming From Naples

I’m arriving in Italy late April. My first week I’m at a in Positano. That’s all booked, I’m traveling solo but with a group of women.
The second week I’m on my own and this is what I need help with (May 2- 10th).
I’m thinking of visiting Florence, Venice, Siena and Pisa. I will visit Rome 2 days in advance (April 23-24th) and have a good B&B booked and plan to see the Colleseum, Vatican etc.
The BIG QUESTION is what is the best route for me in that week?  I thought –Florence, Venice, Siena, Pisa, Rome (to fly out)?
I’d be in Florence from 2-3rd, 1 night in Venice, back to Florence (to go to opera I really want to see) then make my way down/south through Tuscany.

I’d like to take a boat trip and maybe a cooking class in Venice while I\’m there. Any suggestions? I\’d just like to take 1-2 great cooking classes in Venice, Florence or Tuscany too! Suggestions?
I have a hotel booked in Florence for May 2-3, Venice 4-5, and then plan to go to Siena May 6-7th.

Is it  better to take the train or bus to Siena?
I plan to do day trips to Montilleco, San Gimignano, etc. Any suggestions?
Is there any issue me getting a car rental? Do I need an international license?
That said I’m questioning whether I should be based in Florence the whole time or just be there for a few days and then onto a more southern place to see more towns/sites?

I have one night (Friday) I\’m not sure what to do with in terms of what city. Any suggestions? I\’d like to maybe stay at a retreat/farm type of place and would like that experience of staying with a great family that has great cooking classes and teaches me about olives, wine, cheese. Is there any place you\’d recommend? I would be willing to change my base from Siena to another town and location to find a good place that is a retreat/farm where I can stay for perhaps 3 nights then and get to know the family a bit more.
I’m leaving the country via Rome, I thought I might go to Pisa and go to the airport their to get to Rome. Does that make sense? I could see the leaning tower but its more just to get the fastest route back to Rome at that point. I planned to take a train from Siena to Pisa in the morning. It that easy to take.
I Have 4 hours there then the 1 hr flight from Pisa to Rome is that enough time to see the tower etc.?

OR should I change my itinerary and go out through Venice to Rome the last few days?
Thanks for your suggestions as you are an insider and know the time/distances between places and likely best routes and accommodation too. As mentioned, I\’d like to do a tour of a winery, take a cooking class or two, listen to music/opera and see museums.
I know there is so much more to see in this great country but for another time!


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elena nacci Staff answered 7 anni ago
Hello from Florence!
I’m glad to give some help in planning your trip to Italy

Which one visit first, Florence or Venice? I would definitely reach Florence from Naples by train. Fast trains (Frecciarossa) reach Florence Santa Maria Novella station in about 2 hours and 50 minutes. And when you’re done with Florence, reach Venice by train, the journey by a “Frecciargento” fast train takes 2 hours. Finally go back to Rome from Venice by plane. You can check for train schedules here.
As far as cooking classes in Venice I recommend Cook In Venice, while for cooking class in Florence center take a look here
For Florence’s main sights and attractions to visit have a look here.
It’s probably better to reach Siena by a SITA bus, as a direct ride will drop you off in the town’s center in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The bus station is next Florence’s Santa Maria Novella train station, in Via Santa Caterina da Siena. Here are bus timetables. 
No issue to get a car here; the car is indeed the best way to tour Tuscany. 
From Siena you can make delightful day trips! Take a look at the list
For the Friday, I second your idea of staying at a retreat/farm type of place where to experience staying with a great family that has great cooking classes. I recommend:
in Valdorcia, south of Siena: 
Agriturismo Cretaiole 
Locanda dell’Amorosa 
Fattoria Armena 
In Chianti, between Florence and Siena:
Villa Bordoni
Here are some great wineries I recommend for great wine tours:
Badia a Passignano in Chianti
Ciacci Piccolomini in Montalcino
Fattoria Poggio Grande in Val d’Orcia

It’s easy to take a train from Siena to Pisa, you will only have to switch train once you get to Empoli station. Also check on Trenitalia.com. 4 hours are enough to see the Leaning Tower and Piazza dei Miracoli. However, I would actually go out through Venice to Rome by plane the last few days. You may still visit Pisa on a day trip from Florence, half a day would be enough.

For any other suggestion, do contact me again,
Have a nice day and enjoy planning your holiday!,