planning a 11 day vacation to Italy

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Anonimo asked 9 anni ago
Hi Elena, We are planning a 11 day vacation to Italy in May end and early June. We will be flying in and out of Pisa. We were planning to stay in tuscany for six or seven days and a couple of days in Venice and maybe two days at lake como.  We need your help in planning the most logical itinerary and are open to suggestions as to wether or not we should go to lake como. Also we were keen to identify any one place in tuscany which can be our base town. Maybe rent a villa and then we can explore tuscany region by car/ public transport.  It would be great if you could recommend some good places to stay.
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elena nacci Staff answered 9 anni ago
Hello! I’m happy to help you plan your trip to beautiful Italy
Lake Como is beautiful and surely worth a stay of 1 or 2 nights. I include it, together with the stunning Venice, in this itinerary for the best tour of Italy. 
You say you’re flying in and out of Pisa; I would soon move north to reach first the Lake Como and then Venice. You can reach both by the fast trains called Frecciarossa and Frecciabianca. Find train timetables here. Once you’ve come back to Florence, I suggest you rent a car, that is the best way to getting across Tuscany and discover all its amazing sights.  In case you wish to discover Tuscany by public transport you should
use Florence as your home base.
Here is the most logical itinerary I would suggest for your Italian holiday:
Lake Como 2 days 
Venice 2 days
(Florence 1 night)
Chianti 4 nights
Val d’Orcia 3 nights
In Tuscany you may also want to spend one night in Florence on your return from Venice. That would be great as the following day could be spent seeing the wonderful sights of Florence. On leaving Florence, base yourself in Chianti, the scenic area between Florence and Siena. Famous for its enchanting landscape and fine wines, Chianti serves as a very good base from which to explore Tuscany. 
You may decide to stay in Chianti for all the rest of your stay in case you’re not willing to move again, but I would pass the remaining part of your vacation in the fantastic Val d’Orcia south of Siena.
This is an incredibly beautiful and scenic place, famous for its unique landscape, villages, food and wines, a special place all to discover! Take a look at this post dedicated to which is the best base in Tuscany between Chianti and the Val d’Orcia.
For your accommodation in Chianti, have a look here, while for accommodations in Val’ d’Orcia, here are my recommendations.
Let me know if you need more suggestions,
Ciao from Florence,