Your chic accommodation in Tuscany

Tuscany is a great holiday destination for tourists from all over the world, and for a quantity of good reasons!

If you are ready to plan your Tuscan vacation and are wondering about Tuscany best accommodations and places to stay, you may find that useful to know more about the various types of accommodations and vacation rentals available in Tuscany.

Tuscany actually offers a wide range of different possibilities, a lot of diverse accommodation choices, from hotels, bed and breakfasts, and farmhouses, to apartments, holiday homes, country houses, and villas.

Types of accommodations in Tuscany

Farmhouse or Agriturismo:

A farmhouse or agriturismo is one of the most common and popular types of accommodation in Tuscany. That’s a farm renting rooms and apartments in locations amid the beautiful Tuscan countryside, sometimes off the main roads up in the hills.

This is a great option to spend a holiday of peace and intimacy while doing some activities, like walking, cycling, and horseback riding. Facilities may include swimming pool, organic food, cooking classes, wine tastings, and restaurant.

The word agriturismo, agritourism or also agricultural tourism, gives the tourist the possibility to be hosted at a working farm (azienda agricola) and experience rural life. Farmhouses can vary from rustic to elegant and even exclusive accommodations, some farmhouses also offering luxury facilities like spa, and refined atmosphere. They can offer rooms, apartments, or even independent country houses in separate buildings from the farm. Some agriturismo really enjoy stunning locations in the countryside! A great option to have a relaxing vacation or enjoy some rest and peace after a day seeing the sights!

Podere Spedaone in Val ‘Orcia, and Country House Casa Cornacchi near Arezzo are two extraordinary examples.


Hotels in Italy may have a variety of names: hotel, albergo, and less often locanda and pensione. All hotels are rated from one to five stars, I suggest you consider hotels from 3 stars and up. Quality can vary a lot from hotel to hotel, especially in large towns like Florence, so always read Tuscany hotels’ reviews before booking them! Some luxury hotels are simply amazing, just have a look at this fantastic hotel in Florence that also has a museum inside it! Booking a hotel can be very convenient also in case you wish to take advantage of its many facilities and services.


A Villa, whose origins go very far back in time, historically refers to a large residence linked to agricultural activities. The idea and function of a villa have undergone considerable evolution since its invention during Roman times. The villa was originally a Roman country house built for the upper classes, usually in panoramic locations up in the hills surrounding Rome and also on beautiful islands.

Centuries after, during the Renaissance period, with Leon Battista Alberti, the suburban villa was again rediscovered as a place of pleasure and idleness compared to urban residences. The first villa built in the Renaissance style is considered the splendid Villa Medici in Fiesole. The powerful family of the Medici in Florence built an enormous quantity of beautiful villas you can admire in the countryside everywhere in Tuscany.

Villas can be rent as a whole, and this can be particularly convenient for families or large groups, or may offer accommodations in rooms or apartments on a bed and breakfast basis. Many Tuscan villas have also been converted into luxury hotels featuring exclusive facilities, like spa, wellness center, restaurant, and much more.

Independent holiday homes, farmhouse and villas:

If you are traveling with a group of people, or in case you have a special event or occasion to celebrate, it’s worth considering renting a farmhouse or countryhouse as a whole, for a or week or two. You will have your home away from home, your home in Tuscany! a home all for you! That will allow you a lot of privacy and freedom, for a great relaxing vacation.

Apartments for rent:

All across Tuscany you will find a lot of apartments rentals. They can be the perfect choice in case you wish to have more freedom and more privacy for your stay. It can be a good option in case you have pets with you or small children. Having your kitchen to prepare meals, or your private garden can be very convenient. Apartments can be rented in town, in medieval villages, and in the countryside, and are usually located in farmhouses, historic palaces, or villas. When you get your keys you’ll have complete freedom.

Bed and Breakfasts:

There are many types of bed and breakfasts in Tuscany, to be found both in major Tuscan towns like Florence or Siena, in small country hill towns, and also in the countryside maybe on a farm or a holiday house. They often offer a more familiar atmosphere. You can choose among a great variety of b&b, from simple budget accommodations to luxury bed and breakfasts.

As a result, prices can also vary a lot, from cheap to very expensive solutions. Some b&b can be particularly charming and welcoming, having a friendly approach. Homemade cakes and sweets will then be an extra bonus!

Historical Residence – Dimore Storiche

In case you’re looking for an exclusive stay you may also consider one of the many historical residences in Tuscany, known with the name of Dimore Storiche or Residenze d’Epoca. Considering the long lasting and fascinating history of Tuscany, you’re going to find a lot of beautiful historic houses, especially in a town’s center, like Florence, practically full of charming ancient palaces, each telling a different story. Some of them also have rooms with ancient frescoes.

Tuscan Castles:

Tuscany is also full of spectacular medieval castles and fortresses, boasting sensational locations up in the hills with enchanting views; that’s the case of the Chianti or the Val d’Orcia areas of Tuscany, that are full of fairytale castles. Staying in a castle can be a different way to experience Tuscany. You will have the sensation to be back in time to medieval times!

Many Tuscan castles have been wonderfully turned into luxury hotels offering exclusive accommodations and top services. The Castello di Spaltenna in Chianti and the Castle of Velona near Montalcino are extraordinary examples of this special type of accommodation in Tuscany. Staying in a castle can be something different from the ordinary, something to remember!

Tourist offices in Tuscany carry full lists of hotels and other accommodations such as B&B, farmhouses and agriturismo options. They may be able to find you a room at short notice.

If you are going to spend your holidays in Tuscany, below are my suggestions for very special places to stay! A selection of some of the best hotels and accommodations in Tuscany.

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