A Special Meal at Osteria Baccus in Pienza

During my last stay in Valdorcia, I went on a daytrip to the beautiful scenic tuscan hilltop village of Pienza, a vision of Renaissance perfection, the model for the Ideal City designed my the humanist Pope Pius II, from which the city derives its name. Walking through the medieval narrow streets of Pienza you can admire how this place is wonderful and fascinating, with stunning and spectacular views over the distant landscapes and rolling hills of the Val d’Orcia and the imposing Mount Amiata beyond.

Well, lunch time was approaching and after some shopping in the many lovely little shops selling typical products like first category wines, all types of spices, and the famous Pecorino of Pienza, a lovely little restaurant called Osteria Baccus drew my attention. I entered this charming Osteria, where everything is so good and savoury, not to be missed!

Most dishes have the Pecorino cheese as a base and the cakes are wonderful too. I suggest Fondue of mixed sheep cheeses of Pienza, pasta Pici with cheese and pepper, Bruschetta della “Sciorna”, and actually all that is on the menu: Chianina meat, wild boar, truffle etc. I was forgetting that the red wine is of course superb! The delicious food of this Osteria made my visit to Pienza unforgettable!

Website: www.baccusosteria.com

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