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Zuppa Inglese – Trifle cake

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Zuppa Inglese – Trifle cake
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And back again to great food and my grandmother’s secret book of recipes 🙂

The beginning of October here in Tuscany is still very hot! So why not tasting a fresh cake?
Here is my recipe for a gorgeous Zuppa Inglese!

Ingredients to make the Trifle Cake

300 gr of Sponge Cake (pan di spagna)
some drops of the red liquour Alchermes
500 gr of custard (crema pasticcera)
3 egg whites
120 gr of icing sugar

How to Make the Zuppa Inglese

Cut the sponge cake in thick slices and sop them with alchermes, spread 2 spoons of custard on the botton of an oven dish, cover with the sponge cake and so alternate the various layers.

Whip the egg whites up and add the sugar, mix all and then spread the meringue on the top of the cake. Let the cake harden in the oven at 150 °C ( 300 °F) for for 20 minutes. Serves it cold and enjoy:-)

Here is the recipe for the super custard cream!

Zuppa Inglese

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2 Comments on “Zuppa Inglese – Trifle cake

  • Dear Elena thank you so much for your site can’t wait for the custard recipe , I know that tiramisu is a beautiful Italian
    classic , but for me I love zuppa inglese is even more delicious !!!!!!! Elena do you have a great recipe for Zuccoto, looking forward to all your Nonnas recipes ,Mille Grazie…………………Ciao form Australia

    • elena nacci Post author

      Dear George! I thank you so much for your nice comment 🙂 oh zuppa inglese is fantastic you’re right!! I love it too. You can find the custard recipe at this recipe of my grandmother dedicated to the cream pie recipe. Try to make the zuppa inglese and let me know! I do also have one for the delicious Zuccotto, and I’ll post it very soon 🙂 Ciao from Florence


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