Where to stay and what to do in Tuscany, Italy

Where to stay and what to do in Tuscany!

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faganr asked 4 years ago
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Where to stay and what to do in Tuscany!

My wife and I will be visiting Tuscany on our way to Munich. We will be staying July 8 to July 12 or 13 flying into Rome. I am looking for suggestions on accommodations and what to do. I know that I want to go to Siena, Florence, Chianti and San Giacomo. Any recommendations you could give would be much appreciated!  For accommodations, anything basic is fine but woudl like somewhere that we could walk to restaurants.

faganr replied 4 years ago

Sorry for the misspelling on the town. I meant San Gimignano!

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elena nacci Staff answered 4 years ago
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I’m happy to give some advice for your summer trip to Tuscany!
I imagine you’re renting a car in Rome, right? You could start by visiting the scenic territory south of Siena, the Orcia Valley; all soft hills, cypress trees, and stunning hill towns. 
Then you can proceed to reach the ever wonderful Siena and its fascinating historic center. Then will be the time for the amazing San Gimignano and its Towers, then Chianti, and finally Florence, the gem of the Renaissance
To cover these Tuscan sights you may opt to stay in one or more places. Your first stop maybe in Val d’Orcia, you might spend there one night and then head on to Siena. Your second stop maybe in Siena or in Chianti, that you could use a base to visit also San Gimignano and Florence.
In case you prefer just one place to stay you may opt for a central location in the region, like Chianti for instance, near some nice village.
Let me know and I’ll then be happy to suggest some good options to stay!
Have a nice Sunday,

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