Where to go from the cities below? Tuscany travel plan

Where to go from the cities below?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Planning Trip to ItalyWhere to go from the cities below?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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Where to go from the cities below?

Hi, Elena, how’s everything?

I’ve written to you before, while thinking of going to Italy, and now, that I’ve booked all the hotel reservations, I’d like to get some advice.

I will be spending 3 days in Rome,3 days in Bologna, 3 days in Venice, and 4 days is San Giminignano. Thinking of these cities as bases, what do you suggest visiting?
I’d like to go to Assisi, Padova. Is it doable?

I dream of going to Lake Garda, spending just one day over there. Best going from Bologna or Venice? Sirmione is a must. What do you suggest to do?  Taking a tour boat is a good idea? What cities nearby?
Bagnoregio civita must be beautiful. Which is the best way to go there? From what city?
So many question… thanks for your help.
Best regards,

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elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Hi Marcia,
I’m happy to hear from you! How are you?
You can certainly visit the charming city of Padova while in Venice.
I would reach Sirmione and the Lake Garda from Bologna and spend one night there. Sirmione is very suggestive at night. A boat tour is a good idea, while, among the cities nearby do visit Verona, one of the most beautiful cities of Italy.
I fear Civita di Bagnoregio would be a bit too far away to be fitted in your travel plan, but if you like driving you may consider reaching it from San Gimignano in about 2 hours and 10 minutes.
And I imagine you already know my list of the day trips to make from San Gimignano ­čÖé
enjoy the weekend,

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