Where to base in Tuscany after San Gimignano?

Where to base in Tuscany after San Gimignano

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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Leaving San Gimignano how long drive to base in either Pienza or Val D’ Orcia ? Where to base in Tuscany after San Gimignano?

I need help and suggestions where to Base to see Siena, Chianti , montepulciano, Cortona, Pienza, Montalcino, Vinci, Monteriggioni,, Badia a Passinano Etc Southern Tuscany and if time allows Assisi . We have a car rental we want to return at Pisa to take train back to Milan and spend a day in Milan before our Plane leaves Oct 10 in AM.
The following is our plan Itineary from day One. We need help for 2nd leg of our trip which will be in Southern Tuscany area and Chianti.

Sat Sept 26 we arrive at Milan Airport at 6 am. Taking train to El Spezio from there bus to Portovenere which is at Limit of Cinque Terre. Estimated time of arrival 2 pm .
We will have reserved for 3 nights checking out Tuesday Sept 29 but thinking of adding 1 more night because First day is pretty much shot in traveling time and resting from trip .
Again arriving Sat Sept 26 around 2pm at Portovenere and  resting.

Sun Sept 27 : Site see Portovenere stay overbite

Monday Sept 28: take Ferry to the 5T Villages Spend day take Bus or Ferry back to Portovenere stay overbite

Tuesday Sept 29 : Take ferry again to 5t visit other Villages at 5t . Go back to Portovenere Overnite stay

Wed Sept 30:  Check out take Bus-Train to Pisa and rent car there . Drive to Lucca. Stay overnight at Lucca.

Thrs Oct 1- All day in Lucca ride Bikes on Medieval walls of City .
Overnite stay

Fri Oct 2: Drive to St Gimignano
Stay overnight

Sat Oct 3:  site see St Gimignano
Should I drive to a base or stay another night?

Should I base in Chianti or Montepulciano or Val d ‘ Orcia ? To see all of the southern Tuscany area and Chianti mentioned above?
Keeping in Mind I need to return car In Pisa and take train to Milan. Planning on staying in Milan Overnite Oct 8 and spending the day in Milan Oct 9 and staying Overnite Oct 9 Friday because we leave Oct 10 in AM from Milan airport .
It looks like we would have only Sun Oct 4 , Mon Oct 5, Tues Oct 6, Wed Oct 7 and Thrs Oct 8 we need to start driving back to Pisa to return car and take train to Milan to stay Overnite in Milan Oct 8&9th leaving AM from Milan Airport .

Any suggestion where to base and where to go in Tuscany area based on days I have ? I do not want to drive at night so please tell me what time to leave last Destination ( you suggest ) in Tuscany area to get to Pisa to return car in daylight hours on Thrs  Oct 8 .

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elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Thanks for your message.
I would stay more nights in San Gimignano as that will allow you to visit sights like Vinci, Monteriggioni, Siena, and also the Chianti area. San Gimignano is beautiful and has a central and strategic location to see the main Tuscan sights. Here all the day trips you can enjoy from San Gimignano.
Instead in order to visit the fantastic Val d’Orcia, southern Tuscany, as well as Cortona and Assisi, the best base is Montepulciano. At the end of this blog’s article you can find tips and suggestions on how to make Montepulciano your Tuscan base.
The drive from Montepulciano, your last destination, to Pisa, takes little more than 2 hours, so it’s quite short.
Let me know if you need any more help,
Have a great stay,

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