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two nights two days in Tuscany

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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two nights two days in Tuscany

We are couple that will travel to Italy in September. After visiting Venice and spending 3 nights in Florence, we want to rent a car a do a short road trip from Florence to Rome. Our original plan was to leave Florence Friday am and arrive to Rome Saturday afternoon. The problem we found is that on Saturdays, the car rental offices close at 5:30, so we would have to cut our trip too early. The second alternative is to drop off the car Sunday in Rome and enjoy a 2 night (2 full days) trip in Tuscany.
We also considered dropping off the car saturday in Orvieto but car rental offices close at 13:00.
I would appreciate you recommendations for planning a 2 night/2days trip in Tuscany and where/when to drop off the car to make the most of our trip.

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elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Hello George,
Thanks a lot for coming here 🙂
The best thing is definitely to drop the car off on Sunday, so you can have more time to enjoy Tuscany on your road trip from Florence. In 2 full days you can visit some of the most beautiful sights in the region.
On the Friday leave Florence early in the morning and soon drive south through the lovely countryside of the Chianti area. You might partly follow the Via Chiantigiana on the itinerary showed on the map here, that runs on the ancient route that connects Florence to Siena. In Chianti you can stop here and there to visit hill towns and wineries while admiring the panorama. 
Before getting to Siena, that I would reach by the evening for your first overnight stop, you might consider reaching the famous and amazing medieval village of San Gimignano, made unique by its slender towers. Then a brief stop in Monteriggioni and finally Siena before dinner.
The following day dedicate some of your time to visit the beauty of Siena and then go south to reach the scenic Val d’Orcia territory: soft hills, curvy roads, abbeys, incredible small villages like Montalcino, Pienza, and Bagno Vignoni. Explore this fabulous area and also spend the night there, maybe in or near the beautiful Pienza. 
On the following morning go east in direction of Montepulciano, another gem of Tuscany, then head south and visit Orvieto and possibly also the suggestive and unique Civita di Bagnoregio.
This suggested road trip from Florence to Rome and back can give you further ideas as to your itinerary,
Let me know if you need any more suggestion,
Have a nice day,

floresjl replied 3 years ago

Thank you Elena. We are excited to follow your itinerary. On Sunday, we need to be at Rome as early as possible because we only have 3 full days at Rome (counting Sunday). Maybe we can make a quick stop at Montepulciano and then take the A1 to Rome. What do you think? In addition, do you have some mid-budget recommendations for restaurants and wineries in those places ?

elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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There are a lot of options for mid-budget restaurants and wineries. In Chianti you can just stop on the way when you see a sign for wine tasting or winery, the same for restaurants and osterias, prices are good. The same can be said for the Val d’Orcia, Pienza is the place where to eat great food, at Osteria Baccus, for instance, while Fattoria Poggio Grande is great for tasting wine. In Montepulciano I recommend Osteria del Borgo.
San Gimignano is the most expensive of all, try to have lunch outside the historic center.
Have a great weekend,

floresjl replied 3 years ago

Thank you Elena, Looking forward! I’ll post reviews for your recommendations.

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