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Tuscany with Baby

Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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Hi Elena,

We will be traveling to Italy from the U.S. for 12 days (including travel days) in October.  We will be traveling with our 15 month old daughter and my mother-in-law.  My MIL has some foot problems so between her and our daughter we don’t want to plan too much or fill each and every day.  We really want to enjoy the food, culture, and scenery.  We are thinking of basing ourselves in Siena and spending most of our time in Tuscany, but we would also like to visit Pisa and Venice.  We will look into renting an apartment in Siena (and will rent a car) and are thinking of taking day trips to Florence and the other areas around Tuscany.  Your website and blog are great!  You have given us a lot of advice and ideas.  Does our plan sound reasonable?  Is it possible to take a day trip to Pisa if we are driving?  We do not mind a few long days.  Would an apartment inside the city be a good location?  We want to be able to walk out and grab meals and snacks for our daughter.  Should we keep our apartment in Siena and spend a night or two in Venice?  Or spend a week + in Siena and then travel to Venice and fly out of there?  Any other suggestions of what to do with a little one (children’s activities, parks, etc.) or sights not to be missed?

Thanks for your help and your great site!

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elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Here I am 🙂 I’m very happy you like my site!
When having the car Siena is the best base in Tuscany and the one I recommend more often. This medieval city is really a gem! 
Since the historic center of Siena is a limited traffic area, ask info on the nearest parking to the owners of the apartment. Siena is great to explore Tuscany, here my suggested day trips from Siena, that include Florence, San Gimignano, the splendid Val d’Orcia, and other sights not to be missed. 
Here is a useful article dedicated to places to go with children in Siena, while here are things to do with children in Florence.
As you’re staying in Italy for 12 days, I would suggest spending some of your time in Venice, a place like no other in the world! You might well stay in Venice the last days of your trip if that is convenient to you to fly back home. 
Feel free to ask any other question,
Have a nice day,

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