Tuscany Where do I start?

Tuscany Where do I start?

Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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Tuscany Where do I start?

How are you? Am hoping you are able to help me.
I will be staying in Greve for 4d/3n then move onto Florence for 3d/2n.
We will be renting a car in Greve. The problem is :
1) Im unsure where to start my mini roadtrip wihtin Tuscany. Am wondering if you could advise where should I start and end the Greve trip. In Florence, i will be returning the car already.

2) What to do in Greve or Siena or Lucca or Radda or Val dOrchia?

3) Is there a car rental service in Greve? Am asking because I would like to rent from Greve instead of Florence.

Appreciate alllllllllllllllllllll the help I can get.
Cant wait to hear from you.

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elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Hi Fara,
thanks a lot for contacting me.
Unfortunately a car rental near Greve is not available, so I would suggest you rent your car right outside the city center of Florence, like in Scandicci. That way you can avoid much of the traffic.
As for your mini road trip in Tuscany, I suggest you explore all the Chianti area and its villages, the beautiful San Gimignano and its medieval towers, the stunning Monteriggioni, the wonderful Siena, and some of the enchanting villages in Val d’Orcia, like Pienza or Motalcino.
You might visit Lucca and possibly Pisa both on a day trip from Florence’s train station.
Enjoy the weekend and do not hesitate to contact me again,

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