Tuscany Road Trip 8 nights: Planning a Tuscan Itinerary

Tuscany Road Trip 8 nights

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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Tuscany Road Trip 8 nights

Hi Elena,Finally we will visit Tuscany for the first time, we will arrive on August 21 for 9 night total.we would really like to get your advise regarding the planning and the right places to be – on the 21 we arrive on the evening and we prefer to drive and not to spend the night in Rome, any suggestions? for the rest of the trip, we really like good food, small villages, lakes & long roads.would really appreciate your advice, Thomas

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elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Hi Thomas,
On your first day you may go north of Rome to reach the scenic Lake of Bolsena, a beautiful area from where you can explore amazing small villages like Civita di Bagnoregio, Orvieto, and west the lake the incredible “tuff cities” of Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana.
The drive to the Bolsena Lake takes about 2 hours, but in case you prefer to make a shorter drive you can reach the Lake of Bracciano about 1 hour north of Rome.
This road itinerary I’ve designed from Rome to Tuscany and back passes through some of the best villages and attractions of Tuscany.
Take a look and for any further suggestion, I’m here 🙂
Have a great holiday,

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