Tuscany on a Budget: Planning Trip to Tuscany

Tuscany on a Budget

Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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Tuscany on a Budget: We want to see as much as we can, but on a budget!

We are staying in Siena for 8 days in July. We don’t want to hire a car, so we’re trying to best plan out our days with public transport, to enable us to see as much as we can!
We are keen wine people, so would like to go to a few places where we can experience wine tasting, as well as seeing the best sights Tuscany has to offer!
We are on a budget, thus the forward planning! How easy/difficult is the public transport from Siena, and what kind of cost do they charge? What places would you list as must-sees? We also contemplated hiring a couple of bikes, just to locally cycle around Siena – is this something that would be worthwhile? Also, as our hotel has no swimming pool, we are trying to find out if there are any public swimming pools in/around Siena? Is it possible to eat out on a budget in Siena?
Sorry for all the questions!
Thanks you 🙂

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elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Ciao Hayley,
I’m happy to give some advice 🙂
Siena is absolutely beautiful and also a great base from where to start exploring the best Tuscan sights.
Public transport from Siena is quite easy, but the train station is not located in the city center, as Siena lies on a hill top. The station can be reached by bus. Moving by bus can be the most convenient way to move around, though not all villages and attractions are easily reached by bus. That is why I generally recommend staying in Siena in case one is moving by car, and instead stay in Florence when relying only on public transportation. 
Bus schedules from Siena can be checked here, while here are the bus routes leaving from Siena. Both sites are in Italian but easy to read.
The must-sees places I list here, include the fantastic villages of Monteriggioni and San Gimignano among others. Hiring a couple of bikes would be worthwhile in case you’re not beginners, as cycling in Tuscany and its hills can be quite challenging 🙂
There are 2 public swimming pools in Siena, the pool in Piazza Amendola is just a few steps from the center.
It’s of course possible to eat on a budget in Siena:-) just try to avoid touristic places.
Feel free to ask other questions,
Have a nice vacation!

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