Tuscany best places to visit with family, Italy

Tuscany best places to visit with family

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Anonymous asked 4 years ago
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Tuscany best places to visit with family

Hi Elena,
we’re starting to look into taking a trip to Tuscany next year… probably first week of June for 2 weeks. we are a family of 5. our children will be ages 10, 8, and 6 years old.
i want this to be a very special trip for everyone… one where we spend some of our time in small villages with few tourists, as well as visiting beautiful beaches as well.
additionally, i LOVE the wine Sassicaia… so, if it was possible, would love to visit the winery.
as beautiful and romantic as Tuscany appears, we also need to make it fun for our children as well.
do you have experience planning these types of trips with small children?
any initial thoughts on my suggestions above?

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elena nacci Staff answered 4 years ago
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Hello Tony,
thanks for contacting me! I’m glad to give some initial thoughts for your trip next year.
There are countless small and fascinating villages across Tuscany, I think especially to Val d’Orcia or the Maremma area.
Have you already seen the list of my favorite villages in Tuscany? while here and here you can find many more characteristic and really lesser known hill towns all to discover.
The winery where the Sassicaia wine is produced, Tenuta San Guido, is in Bolgheri, charming village made beautiful by a cypress lined road. We are on the beautiful Tuscan coast of the Maremma area, where are many more interesting hill towns. From here to Monte Argentario to very south of Tuscany you find sandy beaches and also the Maremma Natural Park, that can be an activity to consider doing with your children.
For more tips and ideas on how to amuse your children in Tuscany, take a look here.
Have a great weekend,

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