trip from Florence to Amalfi, Italy: what route to take

trip from Florence to Amalfi

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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Hi Elena, My husband and I are planning a trip from Florence to Amalfi. We will spend a week in Florence then take a week to travel to Amalfi via Naples. Any suggestions as to what route to take. We have already been to Rome so that is not part of this trip.

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elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Happy to give some suggestions for your Italian holiday!
The way from Florence to Rome and back is protagonist of one of my blog posts 🙂
There are really many enchanting sights you could visit on the journey, especially the Val d’Orcia, the Trasimeno Lake, Orvieto, Civita di Bagnoregio and the Bolsena Lake.
As you don’t need to drive via Rome to Amalfi, you might consider passing through the beautiful Umbria region to visit Assisi, Perugia, and Todi, in addition to the mentioned Orvieto.
On your way south to Amalfi I highly recommend a visit to Cassino and the wonderful Abbey of Montecassino, and the stunning Reggia di Caserta.
Feel free to contact me again,
have a nice weekend,

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