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Candy asked 12 months ago
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Thanks a lot for your reply to my previous questions, Elena.

I now have some further questions:-

1) I’ll rent a car from Florence near train station to travel around Tuscany. I note from some website that we should follow instructions from the car rental agency on how to get out of the center and back in for car return. For the day I we return back to Florence to return the car, shall we have to arraive at a precise time or our license plate is taken off the fine list for having entered the ZTL area on the whole day I suppose to return our car?

2) We will drive to Pisa and Siena for a day trip. Where would be best for us to park our car which is convenient to the points of attractions and outside the ZTL zones?

3) My hubby and I usually do some hiking during our travel. Do you have any easy to moderate hiking routes with nice scenery to recommend? I’m thinking to walk from Montepulciano to Pienza … Do you have any other suggestions?

4) I’m also thinking whether I should stop by Bagno Vignoni? Do you think it’s worth spending half day or even staying overnight there? It seems too hot to do a terme spa in summer though 😉

I’ll likely skip Rome this time … but will sign up some tours to Amalfi coast and area.  Any good agency to recommended?

Thanks again for your help.  I think I’ll have more questions when I get to have my itinerary planned in more details …

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elena nacci Staff answered 12 months ago
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Here I am Candy! 
Here my answers: 

  1. the car rental agency will probably send the details of your license plate again
  2. The Pusa Tower Parking is very near the famous tower, while here you have a list of parkings that are all good to park at, and here for Siena.
  3. Here are very interesting hikes in the area of Pienza and Bagno Vignoni
  4. During tis time of the year I’d spend half day visiting Bagno Vignoni, the village is amazing and deserves a visit, but the hot thermal springs are not recommended in summer 🙂
  5. Here you can find some of the best Amalfi Coast tours 🙂

Let me know if you have any other questions and enjoy your Italian vacation!

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