The best Tuscany experience 2 weeks in August

The best Tuscany experience 2 weeks in August

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago
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Suggestions on the best Tuscany experience 2 weeks in August

First of all, thank you for a very nice web page and that you offer some personal guidance when it comes to trips to Tuscany. Much appreciated!
My boyfriend and I are planning a Three week stay in Italy on 3-25 August. The first week is pretty much planned (Rapallo and Cinque Terre) but the next two weeks or so we plan to spend in Tuscany (apart from the last couple of days which we will spend in Rome). We will have a car. We would love to see Pisa and Florence, but also see more of the “genuine Tuscany”. It would be great to for example live on a vineyard, take a cooking class etc. We would love some help when it comes to where you think we should go after Cinque terre (do you have like a complete car route that you suggest?), where we could stay during the trip (hotels/b&b/vineyard), if we need to book hotels/b&b/vineyard in advance or if you suggest we book when we are in Italy etc. We want to see everything but need your expertise 🙂
Thank you in advance!
Best regards /Charlotte

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elena nacci Staff answered 3 years ago
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Hello Charlotte,
many thanks for your nice message, I’m very happy you appreciate my blog:-)
After the beautiful Cinque Terre you may first go visit the near Pisa, and then direct towards Florence where I would possibly spend 2 nights. 
After Florence you can dedicate to visit the “genuine Tuscany” following my 2 weeks Tuscan itinerary that will take you to discover wonderful destinations like the Chianti area, San Gimignano and its enchanting countryside, the amazing Siena…
During your stay you may stop in Chianti or in San Gimignano, in Siena, and in the scenic Val d’Orcia (Montepulciano, Montalcino, or Pienza for instance). Take a look at the places I mention in my itinerary and please ask me any other question, like suggestions on where to stay. I would book in advance.
Waiting to hearing from you,
elena from Florence

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