recommendation for a house with swimming pool,Tuscany

recommendation for a house with swimming pool

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Anonymous asked 4 years ago
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recommendation for a house with swimming pool

Dear Elena,
First of all, congratulation for your great website!!
I was wondering if you could recommend us something for our next vacations which is planned to be in Tuscany in second part of June 2016.
Basically we are 2 couples from Finland + in total 3 older kids (age 6, 9,10) and 3 babies (age 1, 2 and 2).
We are looking first for your suggestions where to stay and eventually recommendations for finding a house. Ideally our first idea was to stay in country side, renting a house with swimming pool, perhaps tennis court, and having a Italian cook who could prepare the dinner for some evenings.
Our ides would be to relax and have some very little travelling around the house because of kids, or at least short distance only and not everyday. Enjoying the summer, the pool, and maybe after dinner having a little walk for a drink or ice cream in town. (does not need to be crowded famous place.
Would you have something in mind? or could you help us arranging this?
Thank you
Hope to hear from you soon.
Paija and Fabu.

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elena nacci Staff answered 4 years ago
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Dear Paija and Fabu,
thanks a lot for contacting me! Happy you like my blog 🙂
First of all let’s see where is best to stay in Tuscany. Among my favorite and most beautiful areas to stay certainly are the Val d’Orcia area south Siena, the Chianti wine region between Florence and Siena, and the scenic countryside near the popular town with towers, San Gimignano.
Each location has its own peculiarities, the Val d’Orcia is the one with the most beautiful hill towns, more gentle hills and stunning landscape. But it’s hard to decide as also the other 2 locations are very charming. 
Take a look at the links for each area to get an idea on where you’d like more to stay. 
Also check here for a list of the best areas in Tuscany,
Waiting to hearing from you,
elena from Florence

fabu replied 4 years ago

Dear Elena,Thank you for your email. You have such fantastic region that all places look great and difficult to choose between the others. I think any of them would fit. But in our case, we will have very little visiting of places, town, monuments because of kids. In 2 weeks we are planning to stay there, we might go one day to beach, one day to visit some vineyards or town , maybe other couple of visits but that’s it. So basically, the region does not really come as most important.What is more important is to find a nice house to stay with pool for kids and perhaps tennis court, in a location where we could have family walk or bicycling around the house or close by without too much driving. And be able to walk down to little village downtown after dinner for small “passegiata” and ice cream. Being able to appreciate the atmosphere of Tuscany, the food, the scenery by opposition of too much of the stress to move around to try to visit as much as possible.Thank youFabu & Paija

elena nacci Staff answered 4 years ago
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Dear Fabu & Paija,
Glad to her from you 🙂
I understand the most important thing is to find the proper place to stay! I know about having small children with you while traveling 🙂
So I’m now giving some suggestions, check them and then let me know:
Villa Mia and Villa Romantica near Pienza, are 2 wonderful private luxury villas with pool enjoying great privacy and superb views.
Villa Medicea di Lilliano wine Estate: this wonderful luxury estate has many private villas with pool that enjoy a complete privacy. A number of extra services are offered.
For a wider choice of villas, I also suggest you contact Nicoletta at the Verdidea agency.
Feel free to contact me again for any further suggestions,
have a nice day!

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