Roccalbegna as a base?

Anonimo asked 6 anni ago
my girlfriend and I are planning our trip to Tuscany, intending to book within the next few days.
We intend to see one or two of the more touristy sites such as Pisa and perhaps a train trip to Rome, but intend to see the Tuscan rolling hills and the lesser known areas of Tuscany.
What I wanted to know was what you guys thought of using Roccalbegna as a base. I would be hiring a car so understand it will be about 45-60 minutes into Val D’orcia which I believe is the best place to see the true Tuscan landscape.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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elena nacci Staff answered 6 anni ago
Thanks a lot for getting here
Roccalbegna is really a charming and characteristic little hill town in the heart of the Maremma area of Tuscany. Its location might be ok to visit especially the southern part of Tuscany, not only Val d’Orcia and the Monte Amiata but also less touristic and beautiful sight like Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana.
Of course a more central location in the region might be closer to the most popular sights of Tuscany. You may indeed base also in Val d’Orcia itself (see last part of the post) like in Montepulciano and use it to make day trips. That will allow to visit some other great destinations more north of Tuscany.
Feel free to contact me again.
Happy holiday,