Help in itinerary for Tuscany and around

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Anonimo asked 6 anni ago
Help in itinerary for Tuscany and around

we are planning a trip to Tuscany in December and early January (25th Dec to 8th Jan). We land in Rome on 25th evening, have a Christmas dinner somewhere nice and then hire a car on 26th for our Tuscan explorations. We are coming from India and were wondering if it would be very cold. I understand that the sun may set by 5pm but will it still be nice to enjoy the outdoors during the day ? We want to have a relaxed driving holiday, exploring the villages, eating at nice cafes and exploring the wines. I am also keen to have some Italian cooking lessons – looked at some of the cooking vacations specials but the good ones seem to be closed during this time. A very sketchy itinerary in my mind is as follows (basing ourselves in 3 or 4 locations max)
26th to 29th        San Gimigiano area and maybe a day trip to Florence. Chianti is good to explore from here?
29th to 1st Jan.   Pienza to explore valdorcia and the thermal baths
1st Jan to 4th Jan.   maremma

i4th Jan to 7th Jan.    We need to figure this – should we do amalfi or Sicily ?

7th Jan return to Rome for a flight out on 8th Jan

Does this sound like a good itinerary ? Are we missing out on anything ? Should we add/modify dates in a specific area ? Also, will cafes etc in smaller villages be closed during this time ?

all help is welcome. Thanks a ton.


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elena nacci Staff answered 6 anni ago
Ciao Kavita,
Many thanks for your message.
During the last 2 years winters have been very mild and not rainy, but each year can be different from the other! Most days can be sunny so it is nice to enjoy the outdoors during the day. 
Tuscany is the land to be for having a relaxed driving holiday while exploring the villages and eating at nice cafes.
For cooking courses I recommend this one and the lessons at the charming Farmhouse il Rigo near Pienza.
For the road trip, are you taking the car in Rome and going up to Tuscany? If yes you may take a look at this itinerary from Rome to Florence.
Your itinerary sounds good! San Gimignano is a great base to explore the surroundings including Chianti and other scenic attractions.
Ok also for the beautiful Pienza (where you could take the cooking class) and Maremma. I would visit the Amalfi Coast and skip Sicily for this trip. The days are splitted correctly, I would only add one or 2 more days to your stay in Pienza and the Val d’Orcia instead of Maremma.
Cafes, restaurants, and shops are open, don’t worry.
Feel free to contact me again,
replied 6 anni ago

Thank you Elena. We plan to take the car from Rome. So the plan could be as follows :25th night Rome26th to 29th San Gimigiano 29th to 1st Pienza1st to 4th amalfi (any particular village you would recommend ?)4th or 5th return to Rome as our friends leave from RomeWe will have couple of nights left still – should we do Rome or some other village nearby ?Couple of more questions for you:Would trains be available from Siena to Milan ? Or would there be other train station close by around 2nd JanShould we be doing Naples ? Should we stay a night in Florence or is that best a day trip from San G ?Is Grosetto or cinque terra an option worth seeing ?Thanks a ton for your help.Kavita

elena nacci Staff answered 6 anni ago
Ciao Kavita,
Here I am thanks for getting back.
In the scenic Amalfi Coast I particularly like Positano, so colorful!
I would spend your couple of nights in Rome, that has really so much to offer. Near Rome you might also pay a visit to the stunning Villa Adriana, lesser known incredible sight.
To reach Milan from Siena by train you will have to pass from Florence, where fast trains (Frecce) depart to Milan.
Florence is beautiful also at night, you may also spend a night there if you wish.
Both Grosetto and Cinque Terre are worth seeing but I think you already have a lot visit for this time
Have a nice day,