Italy Trip planning

tisha005 asked 6 anni ago
Italy Trip planning

H we arrive April 2016 we wish to rent a car and follow all your advise to see all the small town, sights and culture. We need help with accommodations as per your help and look forward to hearing an amazing itinerary for 3 adventurous Canadians!! thank you in advance. Tish

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elena nacci Staff answered 6 anni ago
Dear Tish,
I’ve answered you here. The tour of Italy I suggested covers almost all the smaller Italian villages mentioned in the post so I think it can be perfect.
What type of accommodations are you looking for? To start with you can take a look at the charming accommodations I recommend for Tuscany on the blog,
Waiting to hearing from you,
replied 6 anni ago

Hi, yes we can start in Milan? work our way down …can you provide a road map to these villages etc? and certain things to go see when there or do we just ask when we arrive? We have a budget for accommodations so nothing extravagant. We can all sleep in same room too, just need a roll out cot! a map and accommodation names would be so awesome! thank you so very much!

elena nacci Staff answered 6 anni ago
Ciao Tish,
Here I am
Great you’re starting your trip from Milan. Going to cover all destinations mentioned in my suggested Italian tour? Then you can follow this order: Lake Como, Venice, Cinque Terre etc
Here is the map, just follow the order of the destinations listed in the post.
For good accommodations in Tuscany, take a look here for a wider choice.
I remain at your disposal,